For our Patients

Call for an appointment: 865-577-3733
Dr Kim and a Patient

Our Mission

To make available free primary care medical services that maximizes preventative and restorative treatment for working, uninsured individuals, spouses and some dependent children by operating a local free medical clinic.

Just a few of the things we can do for our patients.

  • Patients with Diabetes, Hypertension (high blood pressure), Cholesterol, and Thyroid disorders need chronic disease management, including regular monitoring, prescription adjustment, and education.
  • Treat seasonal acute episodic conditions such as upper respiratory infections in winter and allergy/sinus complaints in spring and summer.
  • Offer “Back to Work” documentation for patients to quickly return to work as their wellness occurs.
  • Provide some referral services to specialty care providers.
  • Provide some pregnancy testing, some PAP smears.
  • Provide prescriptions for x-rays, mammograms, and other diagnostic testing.
  • Help patients apply for insulin prescription assistance from pharmaceutical companies.
  • Encourage weight loss and smoking cessation.
  • Diagnose and treat urinary tract infections.
  • Prescribe medications for infected teeth due to abscess and, in some cases, pull a very very very loose tooth that is totally intact and just needs a “yank” to remove.


Make an Appointment

Call 865-577-3733.

Office hours are: Monday – Friday 9am-12pm and 2pm – 5pm

Occasional clinic hours from: 5pm – 7pm several times a month

To receive our medical care, please make sure you meet these requirements.

Patient Eligibility Requirements

  • Current employment (there is no minimum or maximum income level for eligibility)
  • No medical insurance
  • American citizen or have a “green card”
  • Photo Identification (i.e. Driver’s License, Passport or State Identification Card)

These four requirements may not be waived. If an individual is employed, their spouse and children over 16 are also eligible. Children are eligible until they are 19 years old, or until 24 years old if they are full-time students. Student status must be verified. The clinic does not see individuals on any type of disability/SSI or any type of assistance.

Clinic Services

  • This clinic does not treat any emergencies. If you have an emergency, you must seek treatment in an Emergency Room or call 911.
  • This clinic does not treat walk-in patients. An appointment is necessary. This clinic does not have a pediatric doctor and generally does not treat children under sixteen years of age.
  • Generally, the clinic does not dispense any medicines. Filling prescriptions is a patient responsibility.
  • Generally, this clinic does not prescribe any narcotics (painkillers, etc.).
  • The clinic has no mental or behavioral health services.
  • At this time, the clinic does not provide routine physicals (such as CDL, DOT, school, etc.), and immunizations (such as flu shots).

Patient Reminders

Bring Photo ID and Verification of Employment to your appointment. A pay stub is the preferred Verification of Employment. Other proof (such as a copy of a pay check or a letter from the employer ) is acceptable. If you are unemployed and your spouse or parent is working, the spouse’s or parent’s employment must be verified. Individuals who are self-employed must verify employment by showing proof of current income. This may be done by copies of checks paid to the business, copies of receipts given by the business, and similar items. You must show you have current self-employment income. A driver’s license is the preferred Photo ID.

Please bring a list of all current medications.